Magdalena Valdez y Roberto Zuccarino

Magdalena started her artistic career at the age of 13 at the “National Dance School”. Four years later, she was initiated to tango and has since developed a personal and singular style. She has performed in the most well-known tango shows (Tango Fire, Tangox2, Forever Tango, Solo Tango, and Tango Libertad), as well as in Esquina Carlos Gardel and Tango Porteño.

Son of renowned late Monica Carranza, Roberto Zuccarino began to dance tango at the age of 15 with Oscar Hector in the traditional Glorias Argentinas milonga in Buenos Aires. Trained by many acclaimed teachers, Silvio Lavia in particular, his career as a professional dancer began with a show at Pacific Galleries with the orchestra Los Reyes del Tango. He went on to participate in various tango shows and in 2011 he created his first show "Tango y Nada Más".

In 2012, the two dancers with important careers decided to join their paths. They started by performing at the most important milongas in Buenos Aires. They have also been teaching and promoting their tango style worldwide and participating in numerous tango festivals. In 2014 they reopened the doors of the famous milonga "Niño Bien" converting it into "La Milonga de Los Zucca", one of the most beautiful milongas in Buenos Aires.

Neri Piliu y Yanina Quinones

Dancing together since 2006, they were professionally trained at the “Academia de Estilos de Tango Argentino” (ACETA) with famous milongueros and teachers Carlos Pérez & Rosa Forte, Pupi Castello, Vanesa Villalba & David Leguizamon, Gloria & Eduardo Arquimbau, Gerardo Portalea, Toto Faraldo & Milena Plebs, amongst many others.

They have taken part in tango competitions across Buenos Aires, having won the first place in both Tango Salón (2006, 2007) and Tango Escenario (2006, 2007) and the second place in the Tango Salón World Championship 2008, which is held annually in the Argentine capital.

Since then, they have performed at some of Buenos Aires’ best-known milongas and in some of the city’s most important theatres including Piazzolla Tango Show, Boca Tango and Café Tortoni. In terms of educational work, they have taught in some of the most prestigious schools in Buenos Aires (Escuela Argentina de Tango and Escuela Carlos Copello) and worldwide.

Nowadays, you will find them working full-time in their own Tango Rouge Company as artistic directors, choreographers and main dancers. They teach in their own academy in Salerno, deliver workshops across Europe and participate in the most prestigious festivals of Argentine Tango around the world.